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Application Procedures and Forms

JSPS announced on September 1 2017 application procedures and forms in English. http://www.jsps.go.jp/english/e-grants/grants09_fy2018.html


KAKENHI September Seminar

This September seminar in English will guide you through various steps of application with the latest information on KAKENHI reform for FY2018.


KAKENHI Application Timelines FY2018


URA Support (Review Service)

URA will check your application draft and assist in enhancing its readability and visual impact. For details.


New Changes for FY2018 KAKENHI
  (On-Campus Only)

There are several changes in the FY2018 KAKENHI System (e.g. Application Form, Review System.)



Where to start?

Steps for Submitting KAKENHI Application via e-Rad



Writing Tools (Before FY2018 Reform) 

How to prepare for KAKENHI applications (on-campus only)


Revised instructions for application (on-campus only)
It gives you some help in exactly understanding what you should write in the form.


Self Checklist (on-campus only)
Before submitting your application, please use this checklist to ensure that it has been written in an appropriate style.


Guidelines for Writing KAKENHI Proposals(on-campus only)


Useful Links

JSPS KAKENHI : Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research | Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

KAKENHI Database : Database of Awarded Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

e-Rad (JSPS’s online application site)​ : The Cross-ministerial R&D Management System


KAKENHI Seminars


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