List of Support Available at KURA

KURA provides academic support services according to each stage of your research.

1st stagest STAGE: To launch a project, seek team members and funding

Ishizue” program offering reserve fund to prepare for acquiring external funds
Support for developing a project proposal under “SPIRITS,” a funding program for collaborative team research 「SPIRITS」
Strengthening grant applications for KAKENHI and other large-scale public grants in Japan and overseas
Providing information on various grants (including “YARI”: Grant search engine for KU researchers)

2nd stagend STAGE: To build theory, conduct field work, lab experiment, and implement ideas

 Support for launching and running a large-scale project
 Support for running projects under the “SPIRITS” program
 Support in drafting mid-term/final reports, and preparation for interviews


3rd stagerd STAGE:To give a presentation, issue a press release, publish, and apply to industry

Collaboration and Outreach: Support in planning and managing symposiums and other events (Kyoto University Academic Day, etc.)
 Support for PR and outreach (the management of the K.U. Research website, etc)
 Support in acquiring continuous funding
 Support in applying research outcomes into social and business applications

KURA offers various other support programs. They will be announced on this website as they become available.

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