Grants at Kyoto University

Kyoto University offers various internal funds with different aims for our researchers. These internal funds include not only start-up funds or bridging funds to be used to scale up to a larger project, but also funds for initiating international/interdisciplinary research projects, in order to respond to various needs of the researchers.

This is an internal grant program of KU ideal for anyone who applied but not successful for FY2017 KAKENHI grants.
If you are eligible to apply for JSPS KAKENHI Start-up, you may be able to simultaneously apply for this internal grant.

ISHIZUE (Internal Access Only)

ISHIZUE is an internal grant program ideal for anyone who had KAKENHI grants earlier but do not have KAKENHI now (except for Houga etc.)
'SPIRITS' (Supporting Program for Interaction-based Initiative Team Studies), is a trans-border program aiming to accelerate the internationalization of Kyoto University by creating an environment that encourages to push the boundaries of frontier research and protosciences, and promotes the creation of innovative practices.

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